Public Cultural Organisations share a common objective to invest public funding in culture and the arts to foster creativity, social well-being and economic activity.

Our legal remit entrusts us with the responsibility to strengthen the organisations listed as Public Cultural Organisations (PCOs). We are also required to assess and monitor the strategies, financial estimates and financial records of PCOs. This, together with continuous improvement in methods of data gathering, will contribute towards the building of a knowledge base that will assist and inform PCOs in their decision-making.

While acknowledging increased public investment in Public Cultural Organisations over a number of years, we need to invest public funding responsibly and effectively. Malta’s flagship cultural entities require increased human and technical resources to address the demanding requirements of a fast-moving sector. We will be leading a network of all Public Cultural Organisations to increase inter-PCO collaboration and to share resources and expertise. We will also work with each PCO to develop a yearly plan and strategy that reflects the goals and targets set out in the 2020 strategy. 

Public Cultural Organisations include the following:

     Teatru Malta




Cover photo shows Teatru Manoel.