For the Malta Pavilion at the 59th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia 2022

Submission Date and Time: 5th April 2021 at noon (CET)

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the 59th edition of the Venice Biennale, formerly scheduled for 2021, was postponed to 2022. The international art show’s next iteration will now run for seven months, from 23 April 2022 to 27 November 2022.

Arts Council Malta, under the auspices of the Ministry for National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government, for the 3rd time running, has been entrusted to act as the Commissioner and the Contracting Authority of the Malta Pavilion at the 59th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia.

The Malta Pavilion is approximately 285 square metres with exposed brick walls. It is located at the Artiglierie in the Arsenale Area and it is the same location which hosted the Malta Pavilion during the 57th and the 58th International Art Exhibitions at the Venice Biennale. The Curatorial Teams representing Malta at the 2017 and 2019 editions attracted considerable attention by the international press, with outstanding reviews. These included coverage in prestigious titles such as “The Observer”, which listed it as one of the five best pavilions, and “The Culture Trip” which also listed it as one of “The 10 National Pavilions You Can’t Miss at the Venice Biennale”.

Curatorial Team Requirements

The call is open to:

  • Curatorial Teams with a strong international curatorial track record
  • Multi-national Curatorial Teams that include Maltese individuals in the team as well as Maltese artists will be favourably considered.


The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice. Arts Council Malta believes that the arts can lead the way and have a constructive dialogue on sustainable development. Thus, proposals which adopt sustainable practices in line with these principles will be given preference.

Immersive and interactive narratives that are emotional, inspiring and thought provoking, reflecting the world’s new realities, as well as the Sustainable Development Goals will be preferred. 


Guidelines for this Open Call can be found here

Kindly find the dwg file of the Malta Pavilion


Response to this Open Call is to be submitted to Arts Council Malta via the online system, by registering a new profile and applying here.

Arts Council Malta is the point of contact for this Open Call. Please refer any inquiries by sending an email to:

The deadline to apply is 5th April 2021 at noon CET. Late applications will not be accepted.

Clarifications and Frequently Asked Questions

- Are there more images of the space which will be hosting the Malta Pavilion?

Kindly find the dwg file of the Malta Pavilion

Kindly click on the link to access the plan of the space (with images from a different angle) as sent by the Biennale di Venezia organisers.

This is an image taken in 2017 of the Malta Pavilion, curated by Raphael Vella and Bettina Hutschek, during the 57th International Art Exhibition.

Further images and information on the 2019 edition can be found here:

Further images and information on the 2017 edition can be found here:

The space which will be hosting the Malta Pavilion in 2022 also hosted the Tuvalu Pavilion in 2015. You can find several images and youtube videos of the space online. These are some of them:

- Can the facade/outdoor of the pavilion be used by the invited artist, as part of the exhibition/installation?


 - Would a consulting architect and consulting production designer fall under the 10% of the project management team?

As per guidelines of this call, page 8, the fees for each member of the project management team should not exceed 10% of the total budget, so yes, the consulting architect and consulting production designer fall under the 10% of the project management team.

Could you please send me more details about the exhibition Catalogue, e.g. size, number of copies etc.. We will need to send it to the publishers so that they will give us a rough estimate of the publication. Kindly let us know even on the similar lines of the past Biennales of 2017 and 2019.

It will be up to the curatorial team to decide the size, amount etc of the Malta Pavilion Catalogue.

Last edition, the Malta Pavilion catalogue was around 160 pages long and around 1000 copies were ordered from Mousse publishing house in Milan, and given for free to the Malta Pavilion guests and press during press week, also given free to directors of art galleries etc during the duration of the exhibition.

For further info on Mousse have a look here:

The Malta Pavilion publication was being sold from the bookshop at the Venice Biennale and also proposed by Mousse to over 200 bookshops around the world, and  distributed by D.A.P. (New York), Vice Versa (Berlin), Les Presses du Réel (Paris), Antenne (London), Idea Books (Amsterdam). Selected catalogues and artist monographs are distributed in collaboration with Walther König (Cologne). Their main distributor in United States, D.A.P. handle distribution for Mousse in North America, Central America, South America, Australia, Africa, and Asia. Here is a list of stores they work with:

Mousse follows up, after the publication of every title, by communicating with them through their newsletters (addressed to 30,000 contacts), dedicated pages "new titles" on the Mousse Magazine website, and social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). Furthermore Mousse organizes, in collaboration with co-publishers, bookshops or clients, book-launches and talks in various cities, and throughout the year at the most relevant art and art-publishers fairs.

With regards to the leading art and publishing fairs, Mousse Publishing has a distribution relationships with: Art Basel, Art Basel Miami Beach, Frieze, FIAC, Art Brussels, Artissima, ArteFiera, MiArt, the London Art Book Fair, and the New York Art Book Fair. Mousse publications are also sold online at and and through Italy’s leading internet bookstore,

- Would it be the winning team who enters into contracts with artists, service providers and insurers, or does the Arts Council enter into these negotiations?

 Yes, it would be the winning curatorial team who enters into contracts with the artists, service providers and insurers of the project they propose. 

Arts Council Malta will enter into contracts for the rental of the venue of the Malta Pavilion, the winning curatorial team, the site officers, and the international press coverage (excluding the exhibition catalogue), as well as the Malta Pavilion launch during press week.

We would also like to ask about the quotes that are required for the budget. Is a quote required for every single budget line, similar to other funding calls, or is some flexibility allowed in this section?

While this is not a requirement, the more information provided by applicants, the better it will be for evaluators to assess applications.

- Please let us know if the rental fees for the venue are to be covered by the budget mentioned in the brief (150,000). If so please indicate rate

Arts Council Malta covers the rental fees of the venue of the Malta Pavilion in Venice.

Please let us know if the utility fees for running the pavilion during its opening period are to form part of the costings. If so please provide rates

The Venice Biennale organisers will be covering the basic electrical system (a 3Kw power socket located inside the exhibition space ) and general lighting system, as well as the maintenance of it.

If the winning curatorial team decides to use any other specific exhibition lighting or audio-visuals etc, this needs to form part of the EUR150, 000 allocated to the curatorial team.

Please let us know if the pavilion needs to be manned during its opening hours by part of the curatorial team and if so must form part of the costings for the proposal

The Pavilion will be manned by site officers during opening hours and Arts Council Malta will be covering this.


Ranking Order

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