The Malta Crafts Foundation, in collaboration with the Golden Glitch and with the support of the Arts Council Malta, the Valletta Cultural Agency, and Spazju Kreattiv, is organising designMT – Malta’s premier design expo, a showcase of creativity where tradition meets innovation.

The first edition of designMT Expo will take place across various locations in Valletta from September 30th to October 6th, 2024, and will feature a diverse collection of contemporary design pieces that highlight the perfect blend of functionality and style. Each item will be carefully selected for its relevance to both modern living and cultural significance, showcasing how design continues to shape our everyday experiences.

Accompanied by discussions on the multi-faceted aspects of design and contemporary trends, this event will be a vibrant showcase of the finest in regional design, honouring our rich heritage while exploring innovative advancements in the field.

With the aim of giving the event an international dimension and celebrating the bridges that design helps to build between different communities, designMT Expo is also inviting Cultural Centres to participate by featuring design pieces from their respective countries.

To Designers

We are excited to invite designers of all types—whether you're a solo designer or an artist, part of a design studio, an artisan creating unique pieces or someone working in industrial design — to showcase your work at the designMT Expo.

We are looking for both new and existing original designs that demonstrate the best of contemporary design. If you are creating a new piece, this will have to be fully executed and ready to exhibit by not later than Monday, 2nd September, 2024 so that the plans can be finalised accordingly.

Proposals are to be submitted via email to by not later than Monday, 15th July, 2024 at noon, and must include the following:


• Contact Details: Please provide an email and a mobile number where we can reach you.

• Portfolio: A brief portfolio presented in digital manner that showcases a selection of your works, highlighting your creative range.

• Visuals: Include photos and/or detailed sketches of the work/s you plan to exhibit.

• Design Concept: Describe the concept and inspiration behind each piece you are submitting (maximum 200 words per piece).

• Exhibit Plan: Share your ideas for how you intend to display your work at the expo. Please specify any resources or venue specifics you will need to realize your vision.

Note: Large files are to be sent via portfolio-sharing platforms (e.g. Behance or similar) or file-sharing platforms (e.g. WeTransfer or similar).

For further information, visit, send an email to, or call on 79539522.

A selection committee will review all proposals and choose the pieces that will be featured during the event, allocating a location within one of the participating venues. Production and setting up of the submitted designs at the designated location will remain the responsibility of the proponents, under the guidance of the organisers who shall retain the final say.