The European Alliance of Academies is currently working on an Atlas of Change, collecting records of the changes wherever it is happening, gathering narrative data on adaptation strategies. Creating an interactive European map where as many places as possible will be documented.

Wherever you are, you have surely witnessed or experienced changes provoked by the climate emergency. So why not describe, in a concise and concrete manner, what you see, hear, or feel about those changes? Or about the way individuals or societies are trying to adapt themselves?

You can use any medium —text, images, sound – any form at your disposal. Your perception matters!

Your contribution will be part of an digital atlas representing the variety of changes caused by the global heating happening on the European territory. It will be related to a specific place on the map, forming a collective ‘european’ narrative of the ecological crisis.

Please send your contributions for the Atlas of Change to Jovana Popic

For more info visit here

The EUROPEAN ALLIANCE OF ACADEMIES aims at initiating an alliance of art academies and cultural institutions across Europe – a transnational network that advocates for the freedom of the arts. Through new forms of cooperation, the participating institutions support each other and show solidarity towards one another whenever needed.