The Palestinian Circus School (PCS) is pleased to announce Palestine Circus Festival “ United for Freedom” 2020

The festival will take place in the period between September 19 and 26, 2020 with the participation of many international and local circus artists. We will bring Palestinian and international circus shows, acts and workshops to thousands of children, youth and their families. We wish also bring a few professional top productions for a mixed audience. PCS is more than proud to be able to present some of the wonderful shows that contemporary circus has to offer and to allow the magic of circus to touch us all.

We invite interested artists/ companies to apply for Palestine Circus Festival 2020. Once you have submitted your application, the PCS team will have the pleasure review all submissions.

We would love to bring everybody and celebrate all together, but unfortunately will not be able to do so. Due to logistic and budgetary restrictions, we will have to make choices based on the suitability of the show for our purposes during the festival.

Due to a tight budget, we will be restricted in the number of people and shows we can invite and the fees we can afford for artists. We therefore call on all artists that are eager to come, to participate in the search of support of local or national arts and/or governmental structures that can help in covering part of the costs for participation at the festival. Fees will be negotiated with each individual company.

One last thing, if you know of a wonderful artist or team or show that would love to participate, please pass them a copy of the intro document and application form.

Please submit your application before the 31st of August 2019. A first selection will take place in September 2019. We aim to notify all applicants by the end of October at the latest.

For further information please contact us at:

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