Supported by the Cultural Export Fund

Sarah Maria Scicluna took part in a project consisting in the exportation of a series of artworks and the organisation of a solo exhibition in Muzej Kozare, Prijedor, Bosnia & Herzegovina. The exhibition opened on the 16th August 2019 and went on for a month. This project consisted of 18 abstracted landscapes from Prijedor, printed in multiple registrations using silk screen. The opening was well attended and Ms Scicluna shares that she received very good feedback, both from the people attending, as well as the Museum staff and other visiting artists. 

“This platform was very beneficial to me, as I am at a point in my artistic career where I want to start exporting my work, with particular interest in the Balkans. Through this exhibition I made several connections within the Museum itself, as well as active artists working in Prijedor. With the Museum, I already started discussions as they are interested in another exhibition with Maltese emerging artists; something which is well within my reach, as in my job as a Fine Art Lecturer, I am with such people everyday.”