Supported by Cultural Export Fund’s Travel Grant

Tricia Dawn Williams, Ruben Zara and Atau Tanaka participated in Classical: NEXT in Rotterdam, earlier this year, with their work entitled “Transition”, a unique experience that transforms the piano recital into an interdisciplinary performance featuring motion capture technology, video-art, electronic music and extended piano technique.

The audience for their concert ranged from independent international festivals to the most established companies and institutions such as Carnegie Hall, The Metropolitan Opera, The Barbican, Universal, China National Symphony Orchestra, Berlin Philharmonics, Amsterdam Concertgebouw etc. Since the first edition in 2012, about 4000 classical music professionals from 48 countries have engaged with Classical: NEXT and made it into the world's most important classical music meeting.

“Being selected for the Classical: NEXT live showcase was the best opportunity I could aspire to at this stage of my career. My concert was one of eleven projects selected out over 200 proposals pitched for the 2019 edition. This year the live showcase featured projects from 9 countries: The Netherlands, Australia, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Ireland, France, Germany, UK and Malta. This is also the first time that Malta has been included in the live showcase of Classical: NEXT [...] As an artist I am committed to contemporary expression and innovation which is evident throughout Classical: NEXT. In addition to being a networking event, this mobility was a key opportunity to promote my work and explore new creative ideas.”- Tricia Dawn Williams (Final Report, CEF)

Photos were taken by Eric Van Nieuwland who has been the official Classical: NEXT and WOMEX photographer for the past 10 years.