Funded by the Malta Arts Fund

Matthew F. Cassar

In this exhibition the artist directly involved the public in his artistic process. Over the past year and a half, the artist organised five activities in different locations, such as Mount Carmel Hospital in Attard and St. Vincent de Paul residence in Marsa, where groups from the public were asked to complete unfinished copies of his work. From these paintings the artist completed the originals, basing his ideas directly on those drawn by the public. Both sets of paintings will be exhibited for a clear visual explanation of the process.

The title TIEGĦI ('MINE') refers to the concept of ownership of the ideas in each work of art. Participants were allowed to paint and dictate themes in each painting, making every one of them a partial ‘owner’ of each concept depicted.

Events were held in the locations below:

Mount Carmel Hospital, Attard
St. Vincent de Paul residence, Luqa
VGB art shop, Valletta
ITS - Institute of Tourism Studies, St Julian's
St. Anne square, Sliema.

TIEGĦI is Matthew F. Cassar’s second solo exhibition. A self-taught artist, Matthew F. Cassar deliberately put himself in a tricky position in this project, having to incorporate ideas dictated by others. The result was a personal growth in his works which now show a heightened sense of modern symbolism.