Rebecca Camilleri

The project ´Thinking as a Rehearsal Space´ is a collaborative research process between Rebecca Camilleri and Maritea Daehlin taking place in Mexico. Over a period of a month, the artists are challenge the expectations and outcomes of a performance practice that conventionally occurs in a studio.

Instead, the artists propose a training approach based on the process of THINKING, DOING and DOCUMENTING.

The artists investigated the three processes through the mundane action of meeting and having a conversation in a public social space. For three weeks, the artists worked in shared communal spaces such as the main square, the cafe, the street and the busstop and create structures of improvisation to explore collaborative methods of working in each of these contexts. By creating rehearsal spaces in different places of a city, the artists created structures to present the processes of thinking, doing and documenting. Finally, they analysed the process to find ways of collecting the research results into a blog.

The outcome is a presentation of the experience, discoveries and questions that were encountered during the research project.