Supported by the Cultural Export Fund

Bettina Hutchek travelled to Morocco, Senegal and Mauritania between December 26th 2019 and 16th January 2020, on what was partly a 10-day-artist residency and a research trip to meet artists and curators. This aim of this trip was for FRAGMENTA to acquire international collaboration and to plan events for 2020 and 2021 with African-Maltese connections. These collaborations are deemed important in the presence of the many migrants to Malta from various African countries, while their culture and art is hardly displayed on the island at all. Hutchek believes that the exchange of art could help mutual understanding and help cohabitation in Malta, and that cultural exchange between Malta/ Europe as well as African countries is important to promote the emergence of a progressive cultural milieu.

The trip was deemed fruitful as Hutchek met and developed friendships with several people, from embassy members to organisers and artists. Discussions are in place with a number of people on possible future collaborations.