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Moving Mountains is an original theatre play written by Vincent Vella. The play is written in the polyvocal theatre style, which is currently being taught in various universities worldwide. The play was produced by Joyce Grech for FOPSIM and directed by Josette Ciappara. Moving Mountains was produced as part of the EU Collective Plays project, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme. 

The play deals with patients rights for minors and the concept of faith healing. Prior to the production of the play, a focus group with various practitioners was held to understand the full impact of the play from different perspectives on an international scale. The play was performed at Spazju Kreattiv from the 26th-28th of January 2018.

The play will be also hosted in the Oslo International Acting Festival in Norway, organised by the National Academy of the Arts – KHIO. 

FOPSIM is a Maltese foundation that aims to achieve concrete progress for marginalized groups or sections within Maltese society. FOPSIM’s main mission is to promote and sustain employment, social solidarity, youth and active female participation in all aspects to achieve tangible advancement in the transition towards a more equitable society.