Supported by Malta Arts Fund - Project Support Grant

Explorations” is a project which brings four local jazz musicians together to record an album. The title refers to the nature of the compositions, as these contemporary tunes are inspired by interesting locations explored through vivid imagination and capturing the most representative sound. Led by saxophonist and composer Carlo Muscat, the album Explorations features an all local line-up with pianist Joe Debono on Fender Rhodes, Oliver Degabriele on bass, and Joseph Camilleri on drums.

This album was recorded in the heart of the European jazz capital of Paris at the Studios de la Seine. These artists have been working as a group over the past year and a half on a number of performances, and this exciting opportunity game them the chance to experiment with sounds that go beyond what they usually create. The project embodies several experiences from recent years within the local music scene.

Explorations was released on 20th August 2016 as a CD, and was launched in Malta on 21st October 2016.