Supported by the Cultural Export Fund

Towards the beginning of 2020, Fiorella Camilleri spent two weeks in Cuba, performing in the music festival “V ENCUENTRO de Guitarra Identidades”. The performances took place in theatres across three different cities: Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba, where Camilleri performed with the composer and organiser of the festival himself, Maestro Eduardo Martin, together with guitarist Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas. Apart from the performances themselves, the group also held chamber music and flute lectures in music schools and conservatories. Camilleri remarks that she benefitted immensely from this project, especially since she got to explore and learn a new style of playing, as well as being able to meet and perform with outstanding international artists. The latter resulted in productive networking sessions where the possibility of potential future collaborations were discussed, both in the Americas as well as Europe.