ACM’s Creative Brokers serve as a first point of contact through which artists, representatives of organisations and the general public is able to send queries, address difficulties, receive and give feedback, develop ideas, and make contact with entities or other stakeholders.

This year the Creative Brokers addressed almost 400 major queries and difficulties from creative practitioners through meetings (40%), email (25%), phonecalls (30%), and also facebook (5%). 53% of the queries and difficulties addressed were related to a specific funding programme offered by ACM – in this case the creative practitioner knew already which funding programme to apply for, but required further clarification or assistance with the application form. 31% of the queries addressed  were related to general funding questions, where creative practitioners already had an idea about a project but required assistance in order to identify which funding programme to apply for. 13% of the queries addressed were related to general information related to the creative and cultural sector.

Additionally, the Creative Brokers also took a more proactive approach in implementing ACM’s role as an active broker in the field by organising regular sessions and workshops to share information and good practices. This year the following events were organised, where a total of 550 creative practitioners participated:


  • Project Development Workshop;
  • KulturaTV Workshop;
  • Kreattiv Matchmaking session.

ACMlab sessions

  • Crowdfunding the arts;
  • Strategic planning for arts organisations;
  • Get Sponsored;
  • Creative Projects in the Community;
  • Freelancing in the arts;
  • Pitching internationally;
  • Approaching the Media.

Information sessions

  • Malta Digital Games Fund;
  • 5 Regional meetings.

Brokerage sessions

  • MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts;
  • UoM – Digital Arts Department;
  • Malta Youth Orchestra;
  • USPA day – University Students Performing Arts.