Published on Wednesday 25 May 2022

Anna Horvath will represent Malta during the global finals in Copenhagen

The Creative Business Cup Malta finals took place last Friday 20th May at the Malta Chamber and saw 7 Maltese start-ups pitch for the top spot. Companies Trotteo, Invent 3D, Duke’s Avenue, The Wanderer’s Tome, Mega Woop, Samba Afri-Glam and SORĠI battled it out one pitch at a time, until the judges unanimously awarded SORĠI with first place, while Invent 3D was awarded runner up. SORĠI is a start-up transforming disposed materials into public furniture led by Architect and Designer Anna Horvath.

“The project is finding creative solutions to recycle construction waste. Setting up and running a start-up on this idea isn’t easy. I am grateful that the award and this opportunity will push me to continue to develop further" said Horvath.

''They collectively demonstrate amazing talent and provide creative solutions to the market. As the National Partner of the Creative Business Network and organizers of the Creative Business Cup we remain committed to celebrate, promote and nurture Malta’s creative startups and entrepreneurs." says Culture Venture Director and Founder Toni Attard.

The Creative Business Cup, is regarded as the Olympics of creative start-ups and was launched in Malta by Culture Venture in 2021. The Creative Business Cup is a global competition organized by the Creative Business Network bringing together 80 national winners and is a unique event for innovators who aim to change the world and impact the global economy through their own unique creative enterprise.

''We are excited to support entrepreneurs in the creative industry as an important economic niche. Malta Enterprise proudly supports Culture Venture in organizing the Creative Business Cup as this complements our efforts in consolidating the startup ecosystem in Malta. The Creative Business Cup provides the space for startups to pitch their company, live the experience, network and potentially receive mentorship, all of which are of main interest for startups and which Malta Enterprise strives to constantly provide, through the various collaborations with our stakeholders. The creative sector offers quality careers, especially when combined with innovation and tech. Such startups can also be supported through Malta Enterprise's schemes covering relocation and operational costs among others" explains Malta Enterprise CEO, Kurt Farrugia.

The Global competition will provide Maltese representative SORĠI with an international platform and unprecedented access to networks, experts and investors in the field. Top 3 finalists, Samba Afri-Glam, The Wanderer’s Tome and SORĠI will also be entitled to receive a €1,500 award for creative business development from Arts Council Malta.

Mary Ann Cauchi, the Arts Council's Director of Strategy stated that ''Arts Council Malta is honoured to be supporting the Creative Business Cup in Malta, as this falls in line perfectly with Strategy2025. We're also glad to be providing EUR 1,500 grants to 3 finalists of the CBC, and we look forward to more initiatives of the sort, so as to ensure more business development within the Culture and Creative Industries.''

For the first time since the pandemic, Anna Horvath will go on to represent Malta during the live Creative Business Cup Global Finals in Copenhagen between June 27th and 28th while holding the title of Best Maltese Creative Start-up of 2022.

Culture Venture is the national partner of the Creative Business Cup. The lead partners of the national competition are Malta Enterprise and Arts Council Malta. The event is supported by The Malta Chamber and the Creative Incubator.

Photo by Elisa Von Brockdorff.